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Re: kern/38298

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 11:24:22PM +0000, Scott Telford wrote:
> >   The 0x00004000 needs a symbolic name (CB_SOCKET_FORCE_*, and maybe
> >   CB_SOCKET_STAT_*).
> I agree. I'm not sure what this bit is called in the official documentation,
> but Linux defines it thus:
> #define    CB_CVSTEST           0x00004000      /* Card VS test */
That would be CB_SOCKET_FORCE_CVTEST to match our other constant name :)

> While perusing the PR database, I found PR/36652, which seems to describe
> a similar problem. I've tried merging the pccbb.c rev 1.145 change suggested
> in this PR, which does write to CB_SOCKET_FORCE in pccbb_power(), but this
> doesn't fully fix the problem - the kernel doesn't seem to hang, but I still
> get the "disabling socket" message and the CardBus device isn't probed.
> Maybe if I added the 0x00004000 bit to the write, this might work, but I 
> haven't
> tried that yet.
Does the patch change something for you ? I'm not sure the code is good,
CB_SOCKET_FORCE is a register to force some bit of CB_SOCKET_STAT to 1, or in 
is the special case of CB_SOCKET_FORCE_CVTEST to force the controller to 
the voltage supported and the card type, which may explain why after setting it 
card works. Clearing bit should have no effect.

best regards,

 - Arnaud 

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