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Re: bin/32785 ([dM] du not terabyte-clean)

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 05:56:29PM +0000, der Mouse wrote:
 >> Shortly after this PR was last updated, fts_number was changed to
 >> int64_t.  Does that solve the problem completely, or does du need
 >> further tweaks internally?
 >  I expect that to fix it completely, though of course I'd have to test
 >  it to be truly certain (something I can't easily do, since I don't have
 >  a machine running -current, and certainly not one with that much disk
 >  on it).

Well, given that your old patch did fix it and both you and I think
this change should be equivalent (plus there was probably something on
tech-userlevel at the time, which I'm feeling too lazy to dig out
right now) I think we can call it fixed.

 >  There's also the possibility that something should be done to the 3.x
 >  and/or 4.x branches for this.  Aside from that and the testing issue, I
 >  see no reason to keep the PR open.

It's in 4.0, and because it changes the libc ABI it's probably not a
good candidate for a 3.x pullup, although I can probably prepare one
if you or anyone else thinks it's worthwhile.

David A. Holland

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