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Re: kern/37683 (ukbd: new useful mappings from usb to at keycodes)

Matthias Drochner writes:
|  > OpenBSD has a similar patch for their driver (their cvsweb seem to be
|  > down right now, I cannot find the rev number but it's in ukbd.c too,
|  > from M. Herrb)
|  So why does your patch differ from the OpenBSD scancodes?

I have not a real answer yet. First I mapped more keys than in OpenBSD:
the L keys plus the Help, Power, AudioMute et al. keys.

Second, I'll check with Matthieu Herrb and try to understand where the
OpenBSD scancode come from. What he told me at the moment is that there
is a magic offset of 8 that is added sowhere between ukbd and xkb...

I'll keep you informed as soon as I have a more precise answer.

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