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re: bin/37944: [patch]: gzip cannot preserve utimes() because it first sets chflags()

   $ /usr/bin/touch /tmp/foo
   $ /bin/chflags uchg /tmp/foo
   $ /usr/bin/gzip -v /tmp/foo
   gzip: couldn't utimes: /tmp/foo.gz: Operation not permitted
   /tmp/foo: -99.9% -- replaced with /tmp/foo.gz
   I sent a simple patch to FreeBSD, making it run utimes() / chflags()
   Note that src/usr.bin/compress/compress.c does the right thing...

interesting.... won't this have the problem of setting the
file mod time to "now"?  i'm not sure how to avoid that,
and also fix this bug... 

ideas anyone?


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