Subject: Re: bin/36725: fsplit segfaults when user doesnt have correct permissions
To: Kevin Massey <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/04/2007 04:36:41
On Dec 24, 10:48am, "Kevin Massey" wrote:
} woops wrong pathc sorry

     This patch isn't any better.  The only issue it addresses is that
the segfault can occur regardless of what parameters are tested, but
none of the other issues.  However, it does so in an extremely poor way
by sprinkling the same chunk of code in several places inside a loop.
If you really want to do something like this, then you should place the
test at the beginning of main(), i.e. just the "/* scan -e options */"
comment.  Alternatively, you could place it just before the main
"for (;;) {" loop.  However, this would still be a bad idea since it is
a poor attempt to cover up a symptom and does nothing to fix the real,
much more serious, problem.

}-- End of excerpt from "Kevin Massey"