Subject: Re: kern/34164: unconnected ippp? interfaces hang onto pakets to
To: None <>
From: Frank Kardel <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/08/2006 20:18:13
Pavel Cahyna wrote:

> >  Does it make sense to queue so many pakets(mbufs)?
> isn't it because of
> $ sysctl net.inet.ip.ifq.maxlen
> net.inet.ip.ifq.maxlen = 256
good observation.
So I got 4 interfaces being capable of keep ifq.maxlen
mbufs when not connected. How does this relate to
the maximum number of mbufs? In that scenario it was
very easy to run out of mbufs.
Is 256 too high ? Should the maximum number of mbufs
be scaled with the number of interfaces. Or should
we just ignore this and I set ifq.maxlen to 32 on my system
and be done with?