Subject: Re: bin/28590: binaries in NetBSD 2.0 should be stripped
To: NetBSD Bugs and PR posting List <netbsd-bugs@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Igor Sobrado <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/10/2004 10:33:50
> Well that would not be the best fix.  You can easily strip symbols,
> etc., from binaries in various ways with the strip(1) utility after
> they've been installed.

Hi Greg.

As I explained in a previous email (don't know if this email has
arrived to the right mailing lists) I was not aware that ONLY symbol
tables information was added to the binaries.  As this information
was not available in earlier NetBSD releases I supposed that both
symbol tables information and debuggin information (source code)
was provided in the binaries, as a consequence of a flag not added
(-s) to the linker when building the production binaries.  I did
not run gdb(1) on any binary to check this issue.

I am not the only NetBSD user that supposed that it was a mistake
in the building process, as this change was NOT clearly documented.

> I.e. if you do want your binaries stripped then you can do it on those
> machines where you don't care to have this useful information handy, and
> you can do it any time after you've done your install.

Of course, I do not want debugging information on production
binaries.  But the symbol table is required for tracing errors with
gdb(1).  I do not want to remove those bits from the binaries.