Subject: Re: pkg/19940: print/xpdf-2.01 spews enough warnings to choke a
To: NetBSD GNATS submissions and followups <>
From: Krister Walfridsson <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/19/2004 02:35:41
On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Greg A. Woods wrote:

> > Do you still see the warnings?
> Yes.  There's no change in behviour.  You need to test on more different
> platforms, including more and different Xservers and X11 terminals.  I
> get the same errors regardless whether my display is my
> NetBSD/sparc-1.6.x desktop running native xsrc or my NCD HMX Xterm.

I have tested a couple of different Xservers, although only i386.
But I thought you see the warning son i386 too? (at least your
original PR submission had:

   System: NetBSD 1.5W
   Architecture: i386
   Machine: i386

in the description...)

> I wouldn't expect any fixes either given the the words "key" and/or
> "keysym" haven't been mentioned in the CHANGES file since at least 2.00
> (2002-nov-04), and no new patches were included in pkgsrc.
> 13:54 [4836] $ xpdf misc/hello.pdf
> Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name:  osfActivate
> Warning: ... found while parsing ':<Key>osfActivate:            ManagerParentActivate()'
> [...]

Hmm.  This does not look like errors generated from xpdf -- it looks
more like something that motif may write...

What version of x11/openmotif do you have?  Can you try with the latest