Subject: Re: install/23547: No ffsv2 bootblocks or way to create ffsv2 partitions on sysinst
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/23/2003 18:20:59
> >Description:
> 	There is no way to create ffsv2 partitions or install ffsv2 bootblocks.
> 	In fact, there are no ffsv2 bootblocks on the installation floppy.

Any thought about where to ask the question?
It is all hard because ffsv2 has the same netbsd partition type as ffsv1.
(all I can think of is using a different partition type internally).

As a slight aside:

I've also not yet worked out the benefit of ffsv2.  All it actually
gives you is > 2^31 fragments (ffsv1 gives you > 2^31 sectors).
There is still a limit of (about) 45MB on a cylinder group (with 1k
fragments) and 2^31 inodes.  Also you can't create large filesystems
because the cylinder group summary information exceeds the size of
the first cylinder group.

It isn't at all clear to me that the ffs filesystem code can handle
the massive number of cylinder groups needed for large filesystems.


David Laight: