Subject: Re: port-evbmips/23410: Au1x00 Ethernet Driver Malfunction
To: None <,>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/11/2003 08:57:27
On Tuesday 11 November 2003 8:37 am, wrote:

> >Synopsis:       Au1x00 Ethernet Driver Malfunction


> aumac0 at aubus0 addr 0x10500000 irq 28: Au1X00 10/100 Ethernet
> aumac0: Ethernet address 00:50:c2:0c:34:91
> OUI 0x0010a9 model 0x0021 rev 11 at aumac0 phy 31 not configured


> It appears that the Ethernet interface on the Au1100 chip
> cannot receive at full speed - Whatever I try, I cannot
> get it to operate at over 1.5Mbps.
> Sending through the Interface is fine, as it operates at 70-80Mbps.
> Replacing the Switch/Ethernet Cable does not change the results.

This is almost certainly because you're missing a driver for your 
board's PHY.

Add the following line to your kernel config file and try again:

acphy*  at mii? phy ?  #DAltima AC101 and AMD Am79c874 PHYs

Cheers, Steve