Subject: RE: toolchain/18863: fails on freebsd with "rm: grep: is a directory"
To: Antti Kantee <>
From: Jonathan Cline <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/30/2002 13:54:33
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Antti Kantee []
> Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 1:14 PM
> To: Jonathan Cline
> Cc: Lubomir Sedlacik;;
> Subject: Re: toolchain/18863: fails on freebsd with=20
> "rm: grep:
> is a directory"
> On Wed Oct 30 2002 at 10:25:59 -0800, Jonathan Cline wrote:
> > How about the following new problem?  It occurs in:
> >=20
> > bash-2.05a$ cvs status tools/cap_mkdb/../../lib/libc/gen/getcap.c
> does not currently work on FreeBSD. NetBSD and=20
> FreeBSD are too
> similar for configure to detect all the necessary differences.

Aha!  That's unfortunate..
Luckily I have a netbsd machine available so I can switch to
building on that (a bit slower, but not a huge problem).

Could the above paragraph be added to src/BUILDING ?

This bug now should read more generally, " fails on

> You can either "stay tuned", or try to provide the necessary patches.

Sounds like a good challenge but I'm not familiar with freebsd
much either.  It would be fun detective work but I want to get=20
focused on the possibility of porting netbsd to my pda instead.

>   - antti

Thanks for the quick response.


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