Subject: Re: pkg/18558: diskd doesn't work in squid
To: Wojciech Puchar <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/07/2002 12:53:43
[ On Monday, October 7, 2002 at 08:55:56 (+0200), Wojciech Puchar wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: pkg/18558: diskd doesn't work in squid
> >
> > > but got other issues with diskd: is sometimes
> > > exeeds the space allowed in squid.conf, and when squid figures this out it
> > > exists.
> >
> > Is this still a problem with 2.4.STABLE7?
> >
> > (The problem is that neither squid nor diskd themselves ever do figure
> > out that space is running low and the exit is caused by a write error!)
> i have no chance to try in in linux but last 2.5S5 in linux worked fine.

There is no such thing as Squid 2.5.STABLE5, yet.  2.5.STABLE1 was just
released on Sept 25.

2.4.STABLE5 was unusable, and 2.4.STABLE6 still definitely had problems
over-flowing the cache partitions, at least with diskd.  I don't yet
have enough experience with 2.4.STABLE7 to know if it's any better yet
or not.  It doesn't happen very quickly, but it does evenually happen.
If you keep an eye on the free space you can catch it well before it
toasts itself.  IIRC the only sure fix is to newfs and start fresh.
Just stopping and restarting doesn't help, and even crashing it and
forcing a re-validation didn't help either -- at least not for long.

Unless I hear bad reports about 2.5.STABLE1 I'll probably upgrade to it
before I really know for sure if 2.4.STABLE7 has fixed the problem.

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