Subject: re: bin/15695: who truncates IPv6 addresses
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: matthew green <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/23/2002 06:12:22
   > The who command truncates (or is it "struct lastlog" and
   > "struct utmp" -- I hope not) IPv6 addresses.
   > The real address is xxxx:xxx:8:130:290:27ff:fe5d:a892. I understand
   > that the space is limited for w and last but who shouldn't truncate
   > the displayed address.
   Yes, it needs at least 50 characters (and maybe 46+ for IPv6 that includes
   IPv4 at end).
   Just to let you know, this has been discussed a few times on
   tech-userlevel (1999,2000), tech-net (1999) and current-users (1996).
   It is a good that this has PR. Also, important to note that UT_NAMESIZE
   should be increased for long usernames.

FWIW, the debian-bsd folks have a "utmpx" implementation that we
might be able to use, if people feel the need for utmpx.  i believe
the utmpx *interfaces* are defined in the single unix spec now?