Subject: Re: bin/10554: mop server implementation not suitable for
To: Gregory McGarry <>
From: Mats O Jansson <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 07/12/2000 01:23:29
The development of mopd has always been driven by my needs :-)

I added ecoff to mopd a couple of years ago but that version has never
been released. It shouldn't be hard to back port it to the "current"
version. Give me a couple of days and i might be able to release


On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Gregory McGarry wrote:

> Klaus Klein wrote:
> > The mop implementation shipped with NetBSD is able to serve
> > VAX/a.out files only; the pmax install notes refer to mop
> > booting in the context of Ultrix only which makes the issue
> > ~pointless.
> I investigated this recently.  I know little about the MOP protocol,
> and haven't been able to find any specifications on it.
> > A pointer into the right direction would be appreciated
> > (ELF -> ECOFF + MOP header?); I can take care of implementing
> > it. 
> I didn't place the project on high priority.  I will setup an Ultrix
> machine to establish a starting point.
> 	-- Gregory McGarry <>