Subject: pkg/8717: pkgsrc/mk/mk.conf.example tabs and other problems
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/31/1999 06:07:43
>Number:         8717
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       pkgsrc/mk/mk.conf.example v1.93 problems
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       serious
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    pkg-manager (NetBSD software packages system bug manager)
>State:          open
>Class:          doc-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Sun Oct 31 06:06:01 1999
>Originator:     Wiz
>Release:        NetBSD-1.4.1/pkgsrc 1999-30-10
System: NetBSD 1.4.1 NetBSD 1.4.1 (HIRO) #0: Tue Sep 14 19:22:33 CEST 1999 i386

When using the provided /usr/pkgsrc/mk/mk.conf.example as /etc/mk.conf
one gets

"/etc/mk.conf", line 242: Unassociated shell command "# [XXX: configure will locate pgpv or pgp]"
Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

The problem is that there are leading tabulators in that line.

Also, for mutt:
MUTT_INTERNATIONAL=	yes	# Used to decide if international export
the small yes doesn't work, and should be replaced by a "YES" (don't
know about the other lower-case "yes"es, but I guess they should be
upper-cased too, at least the APACHE ones).

GLX_CHIPSET and INN_DATA_DIR don't come with a '=', or a default

Due to the recent renaming, GLX_CHIPSET, INN_DATA_DIR and KNEWS_* are
not sorted in alphabetically (don't really know if anyone cares for
that one :-) ).

USE_GIF has no comment on default or possible answers.

NMH_MTA is uncommented, though it seems to only set the default

It would probably be good to decide if the commented-out answer should
be the default answer or the opposite (if there is only one), and then
go over mk.conf.example once to fill to write values to the right of
every '='.

for the tab problem:
mv /usr/pkgsrc/mk/mk.conf.example /etc/mk.conf
cd /usr/pkgsrc/any/package

for mutt:
cd /usr/pkgsrc/mail/mutt
===>  Validating dependencies for mutt-1.0pre3
change "yes" to "YES" and in /etc/mk.conf and 'make' again to see the
===>  Validating dependencies for mutt-1.0pre3i
See above.