Subject: Re: Web load causes reboot
To: Koos de Haan <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/03/1999 15:02:09
On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 01:09:08PM +0200, Koos de Haan wrote:
> Hi,
> When i was testing NetBSD 1.4 i discovered that my machine rebooted when i put some load to the apache web server.
> I use the ab program for testing, this come's with the apache distibution. The apache server version is 1.3.6
> I can reproduce the problem on different i386 hardware (different memory , different CPU, different NIC). However my Sparc SS20 doesn't have the problem.. Just starting ab -n 1000 -c 40 http://<server_under_test/  on a client, causes the server to reboot after some seconds.
> Looking in the database it looks like the problem discribed in Bug Report #7620
> The problem is repeatable with NetBSD 1.4 and later (Also with the -current version). I try'd some different kernel's (more BUFCACHE and NMBCLUSTERS) but that doesn't matter. 
> NetBSD 1.3.2 doesn't seem to suffer from this problem (I have not tested NetBSD 1.3.3)

Did you get a core dump in /var/crash ? Could be usefull. Did you give a
try at the 1.4.1 sources from ?

Also, how old is your -current ?

Manuel Bouyer, LIP6, Universite Paris VI.