Subject: pkg/7810
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/18/1999 22:13:40
I've got a modified xpkgwedge package that I've been kicking around a bit.
It cleans up the messages a bit, including a fuller explanation of the
app-defaults problem.

Also included are patches to to work with xpkgwedge.
This fixes the buglet of having to take USE_LOCALBASE_FOR_X11 out of mk.conf
before installing xpkgwedge itself and then having to put it back in later.

It also adds an XPKGBASE variable, set to either $X11BASE or $LOCALBASE
depending on whether or not xpkgwedge is installed, which can be used by
packages to locate files installed by other X-based packages.

I've also updated a number of pkgsrc files to work correctly with xpkgwedge,
along with some other lint fixes (use ${COPY} ${STRIPFLAG} instead of -c -s
in install commands, etc.)

I intend sometime next week to try to do a parallel mass build, one on a
machine without xpkgwedge, one with, to test out the current fixes and to
look for others needed.  After that, I'll clean up the changes and submit


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