Subject: Re: misc/7716: /etc/daily modify
To: None <>
From: HEO SeonMeyong <seirios@Matrix.IRI.Co.Jp>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/08/1999 01:16:02
	This is HEO SeonMeyong writes.

	Sorry for late report.

	I had send new patch at last night.

	This patch is based following reson.
	1) Filesystem which running on daily(find core) or security(search
	   and check suid file) may configurable.
	2) UNION, NULL and other stacking filesystems are no use for
	   checking because it is checked on other "no stacking"
	3) Current users are always update source tree and update
	   /etc/(security|daily). But if scripts are not support this
	   issue, they(include I) change everytime. This is very very

	Please check and comment.