Subject: Re: misc/7716: /etc/daily modify
To: None <>
From: HEO SeonMeyong <seirios@Matrix.IRI.Co.Jp>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/06/1999 13:40:29
	This is HEO SeonMeyong writes.

> > 	Is this based on /etc/fstab?
> > 	I think taca's script forget some other filesystems without ffs
> > 	like msdosfs, ext2fs, lfs, ntfs and ados.
> Yes.
> But when using Japanese version Windows, msdos and ntfs contains
> non-ASCII characters, I don't want to check those file systems.

	Ummmmm. That's right.

> > 	Then change to 
> > find `awk '($3 ~ /^(ffs|msdos|ext2fs|lfs|ntfs|ados)/) \
> So, these filesystems should be specified from daily.conf or somewhere.
> And don't forget that the same problem exist on /etc/security.

	Ouch! I forget it. I think it more.