Subject: Re: pkg/7158
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/08/1999 14:51:05
[ On , April 8, 1999 at 17:42:47 (-0000), wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: pkg/7158
> Synopsis: a package for mailwrapper for NetBSD < 1.4
> State-Changed-From-To: open-analyzed
> State-Changed-By: tron
> State-Changed-When: Thu Apr 8 10:40:29 PDT 1999
> State-Changed-Why: 
> The package is broken in its current state. A binary version will not work
> because they are no "@exec" rules matching the stuff done by the
> "post-install" rule. And of course there should be "@unexec" rules to
> undo the changes to "/usr/sbin".

You mean these rules?  (i.e. I didn't change them after I submitted the
PR did I?)

	${INSTALL_DATA_DIR} ${PREFIX}/share/examples
	${INSTALL_DATA} ${FILESDIR}/mailer.conf ${PREFIX}/share/examples

If so then note that the execution of ${INSTALL_FILE}, aka pkg/INSTALL,
is done by pkg_add (for both PRE-INSTALL and POST-INSTALL), and the
share/examples/mailer.conf file is already included in the package (i.e.
it is listed explicitly in the PLIST).

I.e. no, nothing's broken and nothing else needs to be done with @exec,
etc.  The package works just fine as-is.  (And I've installed a pkg
binary built from this on several machines with good success too!)

(It might be a "bug" that the rules don't automatically run
the INSTALL script on your behalf, but they don't at the moment so any
use of an INSTALL script must be mimicked, or duplicated, in the pkg
Makefile, as I've done.  That would be a separate PR though!  ;-)

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