Subject: Re: Greg Woods: your mailer is misconfigured
To: Olaf Seibert <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/22/1998 12:13:22
>>Greg, you need to check your mailer's setup:
>>... while talking to
>>>>> HELO
>><<< 501 EHLO requires a valid host name as operand: '' rejected from remote address []: Unknown host.
>>554 <>... Service unavailable
>>If you check DNS records, you'll see that has a perfectly valid MX
>>address, even though it has no A record.  "Bzzzt, try again!"
>This is probably the same as sendmail 8.9.0 is doing. It bounced all
>mail from NetBSD.ORG for the same reason (but based on the envelope
>sender). The cause turned out to be the HasWildcardMX option in
> I changed 
>    O ResolverOptions=HasWildcardMX
>    O ResolverOptions=-DNSRCH -DEFNAMES
>This does not really do exactly what I want, but it works for now.

what exactly are you trying to do?  besides the fact that your mailer
is incorrectly bouncing mail based on the value of the helo argument.
which it should not be doing.  i'm using libwrap and access_db and rbl
and my sendmail doesn't do this...nor does it have any funky options
added to ResolverOptions.

>I sent a bug report to the address at that the
>HasWildcardMX is apparently being used where it shouldn't.

i think that's a local change you must have made.  i can't find *any*
references to HasWildcardMX in any of the files in the distributed cf

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