Subject: Re: bin/5533: gdb -w is broken.
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/04/1998 05:20:48
On Perry's comment.. about the manual pages:

The other day I was beating my head against some source code, trying to figure
out "how do I fix this cpp statement".  Man cpp.  

       C preprocessors vary in some details.  For a full explana-
       tion  of  the  GNU  C  preprocessor,  see  the  info  file
       `', or the manual The  C  Preprocessor.   Both  of
       these  are  built from the same documentation source file,
       `cpp.texinfo'.  The GNU C preprocessor provides a superset
       of the features of ANSI Standard C.

OK.. cool.. cd /usr/share/
[/usr/share] polaris# find . -name
[/usr/share] polaris# 

It is, IMHO, bad form to reference documentation that we don't include.  It
seems that most of the gnu documentation is this way.  I *really* feel strongly
that documentation for the BASE operating system that we ship, should be
shipped along with it. (not in a pkg for those who would suggest that)   Make
it a set like info.tgz if we don't wish to force it on everybody.  It's just
exceedingly annoying to have to get on the web and hunt down various docs for
pieces of our operating system that we include, but don't include the docs for.
We should really be totally self contained.  Once I install I should be able to
place my machine in a room all by itself, with no network, and be able to have
it fully functional.  We do include the psd/smm/etc manuals.. It only makes
sense to have a full set.

Tim Rightnour    -