Subject: Re: kern/3753: cyclades driver is broken
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/17/1997 19:14:21
> I don't think so.  The point of supplying those bits are so that the
> driver can make sure it's actually mapping the kind of region it
> thinks it's supposed to be getting.
> The driver knows (or should know, if people hacking on the driver had
> the documentation 8-) what type of region each mapping register maps.
> It's a nice sanity-check, to prevent stupid driver bogons and problems
> caused by changes to the board not otherwise recognized by the driver
> and/or PCI code.

I can buy that for all the other bits in the range 0-3 (it's highly unlikely
that a range of memory on some card is marked prefetchable, but marked
non-prefetchable on some otherwise similar card for example), but the _1M bit
is a different kind of cattle IMHO (as can be seen with this example).
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