Index of netbsd-bugs for December, 1996

Juergen Hannken-Illjes kern/2989: /sys/lib/libsa/exit.c uses undefined kvprintf
12/03/1996 misc/2990: bug in tar.1 port-i386/2992: typo in pms(4)
der Mouse Re: lib/2843
Thorsten Frueauf port-amiga/2994: /src/sys/arch/amiga/amiga/conf.c includes drcom.h which is not
12/05/1996 kern/2996: d_name in struct direct is not as fully null padded as is indicated
David Rosenthal multicast address filtering bug in 1.2 dev/pci/if_de.c
=?ISO-2022-JP?B?Ik1JTk9V kern/3000: union fs memory leak etc.
Mike Long bin/2997: some yacc parser variables are unaffected by -p flag
Tatoku Ogaito kern/2998: panic: kmem_suballoc
Hubert Feyrer misc/2999: /etc/services lacks some common (well?) known services
Andreas Gustafsson kern/3001: com ports don't work at 9600 baud bin/3002: fsck tries to exec wrong backend
=?ISO-2022-JP?B?Ik1JTk9V kern/3003: Multiple union mount causes dead lock.
Jason Wright bin/3004: make install of ypinit dies
Jason Thorpe Re: bin/3004: make install of ypinit dies
=?ISO-2022-JP?B?Ik1JTk9V kern/3006: union_lookup possiblly goes into dead lock.
=?ISO-2022-JP?B?Ik1JTk9V kern/3007: SCSI error handling bug.
=?ISO-2022-JP?B?Ik1JTk9V kern/3009: SCSI disk driver optical support.
=?ISO-2022-JP?B?Ik1JTk9V kern/3008: NFS read from slow client is VERY slow!
matthew green bin/3011: ftp could be smarter with host:/path and URL's kern/3012: exposed unary '-'s and un-necessary differences between float.h's
arne@pegasus.esprit. port-i386/3014: Floppy-disk controller (fdc0) does not find any drives
Michael Graff bin/3015: /etc/mail.rc is overwritten by "make install" kern/3017: NFS server allows write access on readonly files
Andrew Gillham bin/3016: can't umount(8) a NFS mounted file. (swap file)
Jason Thorpe PR 2816...
Manuel BOUYER kern/3019: a client can write an read-only exported file-system
Kimmo Suominen bin/3020: chmod +t
Michael Graff Re: PR 2816...
Jason Thorpe Re: PR 2816...
John F. Woods kern/3021: removable disk UNIT ATTENTION requires reboot!
John F. Woods kern/3022: scsi_interpret_sense prints nonsense for "extra_len" data
David D Golombek misc/3029: misc
Dave Huang bin/3023: cron fails with "STAT FAILED" error
Tatoku Ogaito bin/3025: cron can't stat tab directory
Chris G. Demetriou bin/3046: ldd actually runs target programs.
Matthias Scheler bin/3026: cron dies after startup
12/14/1996 lib/3027: malloc(3) fragments memory unnecessarily
ZaP! bin/3028: Seg fault and bus error in /usr/bin/Mail
Bernd Ernesti lib/3030: Missing header file for libz
Ian Dall port-sun3/3034: Ping and assorted other utilities mysteriously dumps core
Robert Dick bin/3032: pax documentation flaw with ugly consequences
Lennart Augustsson kern/3031: iostat disk statistics are worse than ever
12/16/1996 kern/3035: inconsitency about terminating null byte of UNIX domain socket name port-i386/3036: man4.i386/intro.4; `bt' is now called as `bha', and `ahc' is mi bin/3038: amd(8); misplaced comma kern/3037: ahc.4; missing comma.
12/17/1996 bin/3040: ftp doesn't preserve file modtime if it's size is 0 bin/3042: pppd parsing of "active filter" broken by new libpcap
mpumford@black-star. port-arm32/3047: Kernel panics when Web-browsing in X over PPP connection
12/18/1996 lib/3043: rcmd(3) gives an error; poll: protocol failure in circuit setup lib/3044: Bug in time(1) manpage
Jason R Thorpe bin/3045: Foolishly limiting your stack should be less fatal
Chris G Demetriou Re: bin/3045: Foolishly limiting your stack should be less fatal
Robert-Byrnes@deshaw port-sparc/3048: heavy mfs I/O causes panic
Eric Fischer misc/3049: mount_union allows non-absolute paths to mount point
12/20/1996 bin/3050: tip fixes
Thorsten Frueauf bin/3051: ksh is not enabled in /src/bin/Makefile
12/22/1996 bin/3053: ftp -a never gives up. misc/3054: `make depend` fails in several directories
Wailer bin/3055: fortune should use <sys/types.h>
Chris G Demetriou Re: bin/3055: fortune should use <sys/types.h>
Bernd Ernesti port-m68k/3056: compat/sunos/sunos_misc.c fails to compile
Ty Sarna misc/3057: sendmail cf sources shouldn't be under /usr/src
James E. Bernard misc/3052: netbsd-bugs mailing list gateway unreliable
Dave Burgess misc/3058: kill man page reference to sigvec points to wrong section
12/26/1996 bin/3059: Minor typo typo in text message in sbin/restore/tape.c
Rolf Grossmann lib/3061: standalone nfs.c has missing #ifdef DEBUG_NFS
Rolf Grossmann port-m68k/3062: All ports reference m68k/m68k in their files.<port>
Ted Lemon bin/3063: /usr/bin/mail now requires /var/mail to be writable.
Bernd Ernesti bin/3065: pppd fails after a boot
Matthias Scheler kern/3067: NCR driver dies when "xmcd" accesses the CD-ROM drive
Lennart Augustsson misc/3066: update to PR #3064
jbernard@iola.mines. misc/3068: tun(4) not installed misc/3069: README.sup inaccurate
Rolf Grossmann bin/3071: make's makefile.boot needs .c.o rule
Chris G Demetriou Re: misc/3069: README.sup inaccurate
David Brownlee Re: misc/3069: README.sup inaccurate
lukem@NetBSD.ORG kern/3072: nfs client panics on halt if server reboots
Matthias Scheler port-i386/3074: floppy disk access causes serial problems
Ty Sarna bin/3075: Add -t (print totals) flags to size(1)
jbernard@iola.mines. bin/3076: typos in fdformat(1)