Index of netbsd-bugs for June, 1996

thomas@cevis.uni-Bre bin/2498: unused nfsv2.h reappeared
thomas@cevis.uni-Bre bin/2500: leftovers from old vi
thomas@cevis.uni-Bre lib/2499: histedit.h isn't installed by "make includes"
thomas@cevis.uni-Bre bin/2501: nvi 1.66 misc issues
Perry E. Metzger misc/2502: ttys don't have crt erase/kill capabilities on login
Matthias Scheler lib/2503: Bug in vipw caused by "libutil"
Bruce Albrecht bin/2504: bin/sh: return returns wrong status
06/03/1996 bin/2505: /bin/sh and $OPTIND
Peter Galbavy port-sparc/2506: sun4m with NKMEMCLUSTERS=4096 panics in kmem_suballoc
Olaf Seibert Re: bin/2485: some kvm progs insecure
Mike Grupenhoff Re: bin/2485: some kvm progs insecure
earle@netbsd4me.jpl. bin/2507: usr.bin/vi/build/Makefile "afterinstall:" target ignores DESTDIR
Jonas Lagerblad kern/2508: Uninformative pannic message in vm_kern.c port-i386/2510: pccons recognises color video as mono if console is COMCONSOLE.
Michael Richardson port-i386/2511: port-i386
06/04/1996 lib/2509: signed char problem of strto{d,l,q,ul,uq}()
Ignatios Souvatzis kern/2512: fuword() definition problem port-amiga/2513: loss of timer tick
perseant@hitl.washin port-sparc/2514: X on cgfour
John M Vinopal port-i386/2515: need a fix-it floppy
John M Vinopal port-i386/2516: filesystem name for i386
Mike Long bin/2517: newfs(8) needs update to match reality
Jason R. Thorpe port-amiga/2519: Amiga port doesn't attach ttys to kernel tty list
Lennart Augustsson bin/2518: ex -s is no longer silent
Jason Downs bin/2520: pw_edit (libutil) only supports a simple EDITOR setting
06/06/1996 port-amiga/2521: Better driver for QuickNet
Alex Barclay bin/2522: Date bug
John Hawkinson kern/2523: audio(4) nits
Phillip F Knaack bin/2524: building links with wrong libc_pic.a when DESTDIR set
John D. Smerdon port-mac68k/2525: mac68k serial console fails on printer port
Matthias Scheler bin/2526: compilation of gnu/usr.bin/dc fails
Matthias Scheler bin/2527: vipw still is not able to re-edit passwd file
Mike Long port-i386/2528: pccons ignores XSERVER
der Mouse Re: kern/2523: audio(4) nits
John Hawkinson Re: kern/2523: audio(4) nits
der Mouse Re: kern/2523: audio(4) nits
Christos Zoulas kern/2529: Iomega jaz drive prints errors every time the sdN is opened.
John Hawkinson bin/2530: send-pr traps SIGINT while in your editor
John Hawkinson kern/2531: bpf BIOCSRTIMEOUT can round tv_usec down to zero (block)
Arne Henrik Juul misc/2532: usr/src created with wrong permissions/group
The Terminator rAT kern/2533: SCSI Configuration code can spew garbage strings
Tatoku Ogaito bin/2534: w should print user login time in hh:mm if it is today, but it doesn' bin/2536: bogus error message from systat (update for bin/2282) kern/2535: sys/scsi/sd.c doesn't know about floppy devices port-sparc/2537: SCSI disks fail on Sparc ELC with lots of "dma0:" and "esp" er
der Mouse misc/2538: [dM] share/doc/usd/04.csh is empty
Curt Sampson bin/2539: /usr/src/usr.sbin/pppd/demand.c line 3 is wrong
driehuis@playbeing.o port-i386/2543: BSDI fdisk partitions not recognised
Manuel Bouyer port-pmax/2540: Kernel panic wihout 'options DS5000_100,DS5000_25'
David Brownlee port-sparc/2541: 1.2_ALPHA fails boot on sun4/300
Paul J. Lavoie port-i386/2542: pmap_collect verbose when compiled w/ DEBUG
Luke Mewburn bin/2544: restore doesn't use unique temporary files
Jonathan Stone port-pmax/2545: ultrix tty-aware binaries clobber NetBSD/pmax susp, dsusp
Jonas Lagerblad bin/2546: rlogin to netbsd host fails if "stty min 0" is done before
Ignatios Souvatzis port-m68k/2547: wrong bus error detection code for 68020/030
06/14/1996 port-pmax/2548: Misc things needed for other configs than NEWCONF
Jonathan Stone bin/2549: /usr/sbin/config mistakely merges devices attached
Greg Stark bin/2550: ps core dumps with certain arguments, eg wwwwwwwww1
Kenneth Stailey bin/2551: pppd prints excess "cannot delete pid file" messages
Bugs Galore typo in lpd.8; lpd uses not /dev/printer but /var/run/printer now.
Davyd Norris bin/2554: pppd server mode from command line is broken
Lloyd Parkes port-sparc/2553: libkvm is built incorrectly
Peter Galbavy kern/2555: DEFPA card probe/match fails - too many return 0's bin/2556: mountd ALLDIRS deficiency
William O Ferry Re: bin/2556: mountd ALLDIRS deficiency
Luke Mewburn bin/2557: more fixes to restore(8)
Tony Clark mac68K NetBSD-1.1
David Brownlee Re: bin/2556: mountd ALLDIRS deficiency
John M Vinopal port-i386/2558: lpt interupt based crashes
Matthias Scheler port-amiga/2559: ADOSFS vs. pre V40 partitions with blocksize > 512 bytes
'1J6&qJI\\::' Read-only file System
Manuel Bouyer kern/2560: NFS loose '..' on large directories
Mike Long Re: Read-only file System
Frank van der Linden Re: kern/2560: NFS loose '..' on large directories
Manuel Bouyer Re: kern/2560: NFS loose '..' on large directories
der Mouse port-sparc/2561: [dM] console size sometimes wrong
Grey Wolf bin/2562: dump does the wrong thing with a null-mounted filesystem
Michael L. Hitch Re: Read-only file System
John D. Smerdon kern/2563: panic in _vm_object_cache_trim
John M Vinopal port-i386/2564: failure of i387 exp() function
John M Vinopal Re: port-i386/2564: failure of i387 exp() function
Charles Croot bin/2565:
Hubert Feyrer bin/2566: pwd_mkdb works only on /etc/*, sucks when setting up ~ftp
Grey Wolf bin/2567: Restore could really use lcd/lpwd functions as ftp has...
Brad Salai port-mac68k/2568: kernel hangs if mouse moves during adb probe port-pc532/2569: gdb fails to disassemble all 532 opcodes on NetBSD/pc532
Jason Thorpe Re: port-mac68k/2568: kernel hangs if mouse moves during adb probe
Jonathan Stone bin/2570: gcc config for mips needs support for linker-warning attributes
J.T. Conklin kern/2572: kernel could use memcpy/memmove/memset to its own advantage
Clifford Wright kern/2574: Computer hangs when attempting 2nd connection to ISP with pppd
Clifford Wright lib/2575: task will hang when calling pclose
Simon Burge port-pmax/2573: CPU resource utilisation not accurate
Matthias Scheler kern/2576: Bug in SCSI CD-ROM driver
John M Vinopal bin/2577: csh man page error.
Peter Galbavy lib/2578: FDDI not defined in libpcap Makefile
Peter Galbavy bin/2579: traceroute '-s x.x.x.x' fails
John Hawkinson bin/2580: ldconfig usage lacks -m
David Brownlee src/distrib/INSTALL
Bill Sommerfeld port-i386/2581: linux audio emulation not good enough for realaudio
John Hawkinson kern/2582: "route change default -mtu 1500" panics