Subject: Re: lpr -P bug as reported earlier with detailed test results etc...
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/06/1996 15:08:50
[Sorry if you see this twice; I'm not sure that it made it out the
first time.]

>From: "Burns, Scott" <>
>Date: 	Sun, 5 May 1996 11:57:33 -0400

>#       @(#)printcap    5.3 (Berkeley) 6/30/90
>lp|local line printer:\
>        :lp=/dev/lpt0:sd=/var/spool/lpd:lf=/var/log/lpd-errs:
>lp2|local line printer 2:\
>        :rm=ncti100:sd=/var/spool/lpd:lf=/var/log/lpd-errs:
>********-> The above is the printcap on the machine I am testing on. /dev/lpt0
>	has no printer, nor does the "lp" queue exist on the ncti100 machine but
>	it should not matter for the test. So I have two queues for the test
>	"lp" is local and "lp2" is remote.

Your printcap is wrong.  You need to specify an rp (remote printer)
capability for lp2, in addition to the rm capability.  Also, part of
your problem may arise from the fact that the spool directories for
both printers are the same; spool directories need to be distinct.
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