Index of netbsd-bugs for April, 1996

04/01/1996 bin/2280: /usr/bin/as fails to recognice 0fInf bin/2282: subcommands don't work with systat port-pc532/2283: __infinity is wrong on the ns32k architecture port-pc532/2279: /usr/bin/as hangs on sourcefiles containing constants in the f port-pc532/2281: The ns32k arch is missing fpsetmask, fpgetmask, fpsetsticky an port-i386/2284: No warning DMA capable ISA scsi controllers with > 16Mb.
Klaus Helbing kern/2285: Exabyte, non-media hardware failure
Matt Beal bin/2286: diskpart "uses gets(), which is unsafe"
Matt Beal bin/2287: rcs "uses gets(), which is unsafe"
earle@netbsd4me.jpl. misc/2288: "distributions" target in /usr/src/etc/Makefile doesn't install file
kashmir@umiacs.UMD.E bin/2289: w should use errx instead of err
Brian de Alwis misc/2291: missing airports in /usr/share/misc/airport
Brian de Alwis misc/2290: allow NODOC to prevent installation of doc files
John Maier PPP in chap mode process wont go away!
Masanobu Saitoh misc/2293: Bug in mdoc.samples.7
Masanobu Saitoh misc/2292: missing ".." in 4.4BSD.dist
Daniel Carosone misc/2294: NOGAMES to control build/install of games tree
Laine Stump kern/2296: some icmp destination unreachable packets contain garbage
SAITOH Masanobu port-i386/2295: Bug in spkr.c
Matthias Scheler bin/2298: C++ iostreams don't work
Matthias Scheler port-i386/2297: NFS server crashes on i386 system port-i386/2299: Some Pee Cees need 16550 FIFOs turned off to detect properly fr
Mike Long lib/2302: missing punctuation in gethostname(3)
Mike Long bin/2300: missing punctuation in rdate(8)
Mike Long misc/2301: some Makefiles use LDADD without corresponding DPADD port-i386/2303: IRQ 7 bad choice fori Intel EtherExpress cards
Peter Seebach bin/2304: kernel main may want a return type (?)
Peter Seebach lib/2305: No manual entry for addnstr()
Dave Leonard kern/2307: Typo in disk(9) manpage misc/2308: Year 2000 breakage with tm_year
Gary D. Duzan lib/2309: No setlocale(3) manpage
Hubert Feyrer misc/2310: /etc/bootptab doesn't mention all fields from man-page port-pc532/2311: fpsetsticky doesn't clear sticky bits port-pc532/2312: regress/lib/libc/ieeefp/except regression test not done for th
Thorsten Frueauf port-hp300/2317: compiling gcc breaks on hp300 port with current 080496
04/10/1996 bin/2315: ypmatch does signal success even if it doesn't find the key
Matthias Scheler port-amiga/2316: ADOSFS and softlinks
Masanobu Saitoh misc/2318: typo in mount_null.8
Matthias Scheler port-amiga/2319: g++ link problem under NetBSD-amiga kern/2320: another brain-damaged scsi device
04/12/1996 port-i386/2321: Kernel option MROUTING not documented
David Gilbert port-sparc/2322: Screenblank suggestion
der Mouse Re: lib/2194: Missing bzero may cause coredumps of RPC programs.
Bugs Galore standards/2323: #include <curses.h> breaks with -D_POSIX_SOURCE defined
Arne Henrik Juul bin/2324: more adds escape sequences even when output is to file
matthew green bin/2325: cc passes -K flag to as with -fPIC
Peter Galbavy port-sparc/2326: options BLINK needs to be tidied to compile
matthew green bin/2328: cc rejects the -R option that ld likes.
Matthias Scheler misc/2327: default hosts.equiv file misconfigured
Greg Hudson bin/2331: tar doesn't read all of stdin
Greg Hudson bin/2330: pax -r -v uses stderr for output
Kenneth Stailey kern/2329: Fix for HP ScanJet code
Greg Hudson bin/2332: pax option documentation does not correspond to its behavior
Robert Kennedy Re: bin/2331: tar doesn't read all of stdin
is@Beverly.Rhein.DE Re: port-sparc/2322: Screenblank suggestion
M.Hitter@trier.fh-rp mac68k console improvements port-i386/2333: Not ducumented: sources for upgrade must be on sd[012] lib/2334: NLS catalogs are byte-order-dependant port-i386/2336: WD dump routines fail recalibrating some drives kern/2335: 4.4BSD-Lite2 TCP persist timeout patches not in -current
Peter Berger Mail Delivery Subsystem: Returned mail: User unknown
David Brownlee port-sun3/2337: doc/sun3 is obsolete now we have /usr/src/distrib/sun3
John M Vinopal lib/2338: incomplete random() man page
Liz Stokes link() apparently nonatomic
Chris G. Demetriou kern/2339: kernel 'make depend' doesn't do libkern, libcompat dependencies.
Niklas Hallqvist kern/2340: Make mapping of page zero possible in SVR4 emulation
Christoph Badura Re: link() apparently nonatomic
Andrew Wheadon port-i386/2341: option VM86 missing from GENERIC
der Mouse Re: link() apparently nonatomic
Christos Zoulas bin/2342: gcc does not accept the -R linker option
John Kohl Re: bin/2342: gcc does not accept the -R linker option
matthew green Re: bin/2342: gcc does not accept the -R linker option
Matthieu Herrb port-i386/2344: joy.4 doesn't get installed in man4.i386
Peter Seebach lib/2345: vis.3 misuses 'comprise'
Thorsten Frueauf port-hp300/2346: problems with /src/sys/arch/hp300/hp300/machdep.c
Burns, Scott lpr -P bug (Sorry I have not gnats access)
der Mouse Re: lpr -P bug (Sorry I have not gnats access)
Michael van Elst Re: lpr -P bug (Sorry I have not gnats access)
Neil J. McRae port-sparc/2347: NetBSD/sparc sun4c kernels don't boot unless you have a floppy
Donald J. Maddox port-amiga/2355: 'options INSECURE' not listed in GENERIC
Donald J. Maddox port-amiga/2356: Kernel build fails if options KGDB defined
Tor Egge kern/2350: specified value for SOMAXCONN in kernel config file is ignored
Tor Egge kern/2349: specified value for NVNODE in kernel config file is ignored
Tor Egge kern/2354: MS160SE device driver in kern/2353 lacks a header file
Tor Egge kern/2352: ident daemon is slow, it should not use /dev/kmem at all
Tor Egge kern/2351: Diskless NetBSD is missing BOOTP support port-i386/2358: if_ep/3C590 no longer working bin/2361: fsck(_ffs) does not work with filesystem names bin/2363: umount -a uses fstab instead of mounted filesystem list
Luke Mewburn bin/2357: named makefiles fail with NOMAN defined
Tatoku Ogaito port-i386/2359: kernel can't build without MACHINE_NONCONTIG " lib/2360: cc error in libc
Chris G Demetriou Re: kern/2352: ident daemon is slow, it should not use /dev/kmem at all lib/2362: lib/libedit/makelist generates illegal characters in C header files
Ty Sarna Re: port-i386/2358: if_ep/3C590 no longer working