Index of netbsd-bugs for August, 1995

Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1300: voodoo style stopgap fix for sbic.c problems
Alasdair Baird kern/1301: problem in kern/vfs_bio.c
Simon J. Gerraty bin/1302: impossible output from sa(8).
Giles Lean port-i386/1303: i386-current fails to build install diskettes
Kenneth Stailey port-i386/1304: botch in kern_ipc_10.c
Kenneth Stailey kern/1305: Panics while running NFS.
Giles Lean bin/1306: minor fix to mkdev manual page
der Mouse Re: kern/1296: for lib{kern,compat} uses " for passing variables
der Mouse Re: bin/1302: impossible output from sa(8).
Giles Lean bin/1307: mknod(1) manual page should refer to mkfifo(1)
Kenneth Stailey kern/1308: NFS panics in lease code if NFSSERVER but not NFSCLIENT
der Mouse kern/1309: [dM] nullfs & maybe others break mmap()
Tom Pavel misc/1311: patch to add vm.vmmeter to sysctl(8)
Simon J. Gerraty Re: bin/1302: impossible output from sa(8).
der Mouse Re: bin/1302: impossible output from sa(8).
Giles Lean bin/1312: syslog(3) manual page correction
Olaf Seibert kern/1313: timed causes bad ethernet packets
Simon J. Gerraty Re: bin/1302: impossible output from sa(8).
Neil J. McRae port-sparc/1314: utmp / who bug. misc/1315: whatis.db is not a dbm file.
John Hawkinson bin/1316: excessive mrouted syslogs on duplex promisc ifaces
Neil J. McRae Re: port-sparc/1314: utmp / who bug.
Neil J. McRae Re: port-sparc/1314: utmp / who bug.
der Mouse Re: port-sparc/1314: utmp / who bug.
John Hawkinson Re: bin/1316: excessive mrouted syslogs on duplex promisc ifaces
rafal@scofflaw.banya port-i386/1319: Dell machines lie about BIOS mem. size
Andrew Gillham port-i386/1320: NCR SCSI driver fails with Quantum DSP3107L
John Kohl kern/1321: ppp tried to use some dead beef
der Mouse bin/1322: [dM] window(1) is not 8-bit-clean
John Hawkinson bin/1323: inetd (rc) runs before securelevel is raised!
John Kohl bin/1324: fsck's marking of root file system as clean doesn't stick
John Kohl Re: bin/1324: fsck's marking of root file system as clean doesn't stick
Trevor Blackwell tip parity bugfix
Trevor Blackwell bin/1325: tip computes parity wrong for zero parity
Christos Zoulas Re: bin/1325: tip computes parity wrong for zero parity
Neil J. McRae bin/1326: vi editing bug
der Mouse Re: bin/1325: tip computes parity wrong for zero parity kern/1327: Silly NFS mbuf code caused corruption of malloc's freelist
Daniel Hagerty bin/1328: pwdb_mkdb doesn't do any error checking for things like disk space!
Neil J. McRae Re: bin/1326: vi editing bug
Brian de Alwis Re: bin/1326: vi editing bug
Kenneth Stailey misc/1330: prototype manual page for copyin
Kenneth Stailey misc/1329: prototype manual page for copyout
Kenneth Stailey misc/1334: prototype manual page for fubyte
Kenneth Stailey misc/1336: prototype manual page for subyte
Kenneth Stailey misc/1331: prototype manual page for copystr
Kenneth Stailey misc/1332: prototype manual page for copyinstr
Kenneth Stailey misc/1333: prototype manual page for copyoutstr
Kenneth Stailey misc/1337: prototype manual page for suword
Kenneth Stailey misc/1335: prototype manual page for fuword
Kenneth Stailey misc/1341: prototype manual page for fuiword
Kenneth Stailey misc/1339: prototype manual page for suibyte
Kenneth Stailey misc/1338: prototype manual page for suiword
Kenneth Stailey misc/1340: prototype manual page for fuibyte
Kenneth Stailey misc/1342: prototype manual page for panic
Mike Long lib/1343: typo in syslog.3
Mike Long bin/1344: sup -t doesn't use rel-suffix bin/1345: tip fixes bin/1346: tip fixes
Kenneth Stailey bin/1347: ps avx "RE" and "SL" columns are too wide
John F. Woods misc/1348: /usr/share/misc/units.lib needs space port-amiga/1350: wstsc SCSI driver can be made to work with Supra ByteSync
Eduardo Horvath kern/1351: struct lfs is not always 512 bytes long
Eduardo Horvath kern/1352: The sd drivers do not check transfer lengths
08/13/1995 bin/1353: determining level of filesystem difficult
John Kohl kern/1354: union FS can deadlock while vgone()/vclean() is running
08/14/1995 misc/1355: Files in /usr/share/doc/smm/06.nfs use .)f which cannot be parsed
der Mouse bin/1356: [dM] join can coredump port-sparc/1357: Cannot build a sparc kernel with SUN4C & not SUN4 kern/1358: getfsstat() reports incorrect free values for union mounts
Peter Seebach vi core dump
Robert Dobbs port-i386/1359: 0xdeadbeef passed to _sorflush()
08/15/1995 kern/1360: Compile of -current fails if COMPAT_SUNOS defined
rafal@scofflaw.banya port-i386/1361: i386 speaker driver not converted to
Kenneth Stailey bin/1362: netstat -i address column is too narrow
Kenneth Stailey Re: bin/1362: netstat -i address column is too narrow
jonathan@NetBSD.ORG kern/1363: libkern Makefile is broken: .PATH directives out of order
08/17/1995 misc/1365: enhancement: way to handle interface aliases in netstart
der Mouse bin/1366: [dM] fsck pass1 ignores fs_csaddr
der Mouse bin/1367: [dM] can't newfs non-disks
Frank van der Linden lib/1369: malloc(3) manpage references non-existent pagesize(2)
Mark_Weaver@brown.ed bin/1370: Typo in stty(1) man page
Mark_Weaver@brown.ed lib/1371: Missing -I in libterm Makefile
Mark_Weaver@brown.ed kern/1373: Invalid comment in exec_aout.h
Mark_Weaver@brown.ed port-i386/1372: Invalid comment in pcvt_hdr.h
Mark_Weaver@brown.ed bin/1374: If single-user login fails, fscks aren't done
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1375: "..." disappears in shar(1)
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1377: comma is missing in swapon.8
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1376: "tftp>" disappear in tftp(1)
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1378: Yet another '^\.[A-Z][A-Z]' command in mdoc files (mount_portal.8, a port-i386/1380: could be more paranoid on fsck bin/1379: mount still uses ufs & not ffs misc/1381: Prototype fstab files still use ufs & not ffs
Matthieu Herrb kern/1382: new scsiconf.c entry
Neil J. McRae port-sparc/1383: obio.c doesn't compile. Owing to VME undeclared identifiers
Matthieu Herrb bin/1384: tip parity none fixes
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1385: GENERIC additions for the new A2410 driver
Luke Mewburn bin/1387: man page for isn't being installed
Luke Mewburn bin/1386: man pages for reboot(8) are inconsistant
Bernd Ernesti port-amiga/1389: missing change for cpu040 in mcsc.c
Bernd Ernesti port-amiga/1390: wrong protype functionnames in itevar.h
Bernd Ernesti port-amiga/1388: missing declaration for ccd
Kenneth Stailey misc/1391: XFree86 needs <machine/pcvt_ioctl.h>
Juergen Hannken-Illjes bin/1393: install should keep file times
thomas@mathematik.un kern/1394: trouble with linux compat open (?) call
thomas@mathematik.un kern/1392: linux waitpid & wait4 fail if status == NULL
Bernd Ernesti port-amiga/1396: updates for src/etc/etc.amiga port-i386/1395: Typo in i386 config files
Kenneth Stailey kern/1397: paging stats are not kept in "user struct"
Mike Long lib/1398: incorrect paths in ctime(3), tzset(3), and zic(8)
Scott Reynolds misc/1399: mt(1) man page specifies incorrect default port-sun3/1400: Minor typo in sun3 ccd
Jose R. Sanchez Ron NetBSD & Mac IIfx
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1401: /ETC/termcap
Thorsten Lockert bin/1402: yacc(1) declares the yydebug variable when YYDEBUG is not defined
John Kohl kern/1403: ufs/ffs change not completed
Jack Nichols Help! / Bug Report
Matthias Drochner misc/1404: network code in sys/lib/libsa fails on little-endian machines misc/1405: change mtree permissions on ftp/master.passwd
John Kohl kern/1406: SDT-5000 needs looser revision check on quirks
Onno van der Linden typo in comreg.h
Brian R. Gaeke bin/1407: h[e[l[p]]] are not proper host names for telnet 'open'
thomas@mathematik.un bin/1408: ccd's should be configured by /etc/rc
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1409: New sbic.c driver still chokes on unhandled condition port-sparc/1410: minor tweaks to sparc/sparc/autoconf.c
Juergen Hannken-Illjes port-i386/1411: kernel doesn't link
Arne Juul bin/1412: umount can't umount stale nfs file systems
Scott R. Burns MT(1) exit code problem
Jason Thorpe port-sparc/1414: bootpath glue didn't make it into si.c port-i386/1413: inittodr() now requires the disk time
Jason R. Thorpe port-sparc/1415: bwtwo driver doesn't work on Sun 4.
Jason Thorpe port-i386/1416: vm-related panics when using caches on Pentium
Jason Thorpe Re: port-amiga/1388: missing declaration for ccd
Jason R. Thorpe port-sparc/1417: mouse driver doesn't work on Sun 4
Alistair G. Crooks port-i386/1418: fix probe in bt742a.c so Adaptecs are ignored lib/1419: 'ansi' termcap entry > 1024
Rob Healey Re: port-amiga/1388: missing declaration for ccd
Jason Thorpe Re: port-amiga/1388: missing declaration for ccd
Giles Lean bin/1420: xlint requires /usr/libdata/lint directory
Erik E. Fair SECURITY ALERT: syslog(3)
Jason Thorpe Re: port-amiga/1388: missing declaration for ccd
matthew green bin/1421: changes to make make(1) use more POSIX interfaces.
Jason R. Thorpe port-sparc/1422: Sun 4/110 has no SCSI driver.
Peter Seebach misc/1423: man page bug
Mike Long port-i386/1424: i386 linux_machdep.c depends on pcvt
Mike Long bin/1425: send-pr.el doesn't work
John Hawkinson port-i386/1426: ep driver sometimes sends packets out wrong media
Jason R. Thorpe port-sparc/1427: eeprom_uio() attempts bad access to EEPROM
John Kohl kern/1428: SA_ONSTACK to SS_ONSTACK conversion not complete
John Kohl kern/1429: mfs can hang at shutdown (+ fix)