Subject: Some wacky problems...
To: None <>
From: Chuck Van Tilburg <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/14/1994 09:50:49
I am running 13 VTech 486DX2/66 machines configured with 16 Megs of
memory and NE2000 cards at NetBSD 1.0.  They have root and swap on a 
local IDE drive, but get most of everything else (/usr/share, user space, 
software space, XF86) from a DEC 5000/260 Ultrix 4.3A server.  We are 
seeing the following problems and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions 
about how one might go about solving them and provide some advice
about shared library interaction with NFS:

	a) Random large freezes (presumably due to NFS latency?) on
		the order of 4-10 seconds.

	b) Mwm does not see its config files (this is built from 1.2 
		source under XF863.1 (same thing happened under 2.1.1)
		(NFS? OS?).

	c) Mosaic will lock up when a substring search is attempted in
		the current page.  (Motif? OS?)

	d) Random lockups under heavy X load.  Could this have something
		to do with NFS latency?  The X libraries are on an NFS
		partition and may not be very tolerant of delays.

Also, I have not been getting SUP updates when the connection goes
through.  Most of the time SUP is NOT able to connect to sun-lamp.
Did the SUP parameters change with the release of 1.0?  I want to
continue to track -current.