Subject: cannot boot 1.0 kernel for upgrade or install
To: None <netbsd-bugs@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Scott Redmon <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/13/1994 11:27:30
Hardware: CompuAdd 433E (EISA) with 170 MB partition of IDE drive for
NetBSD.  16 MB of memory.  I have had NetBSD 0.9 (vanilla install
with none of the NetBSD-current enhancements) since 0.9 was

Problem:  Either kernel disk will boot fine. After inserting the
uprade disk (or install disk for that matter) I see about 10 lines of
text and then my PC starts rebooting.  The reboot takes place so
quickly after the insertion of the upgrade or install disk that I
cannot see where it gets to before rebooting. I see a Berkeley
copyright...then maybe a device...

My system will boot fine with the 0.9 kernel and install floppies. So
a bug has crept into the new 1.0 kernel.

It reminds of a bug that my PC had with 386bsd.  Upon booting with
the 386bsd, my PC would hang and the screen would become
multi-colored.  This used to be in the 386bsd FAQ.  I had to manually
hex edit the kernel and change some values before I could boot up
with 386bsd.  I believe this was do to an improper "if" statement.

Any suggestions?  (0.9 still works fine, but no go with 1.0)

Scott Redmon

Scott Redmon
OpenVMS / UNIX System Administrator
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division - Indy
Indianapolis IN