Subject: Re: Partitioning on install problem!
To: Michael Neuman <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/10/1994 15:07:56
>the rest. Finally, disklabel runs, and it reports, "No disk label found",
>and asks if I want to write over existing DOS partition. If I say no, it
>tries to newfs devices which don't have labels, so it dies horribly, if
>I say yes, it installs just fine... I reboot onto a DOS floppy and run
>fdisk... Fdisk claims there's only one 24 meg partition. Am I doing
>something wrong?

It's important to have the disklabel "c" partition offset (what you gave to the
install program) match up _exactly_ with the MS-DOS partition table (what you
did with pfdisk).  You get that message if:

- There's a MS-DOS partition on the disk, and

- There's not a NetBSD partition in the MS-DOS partition table (type 165), or
- The NetBSD partition size is zero, or
- The start of the MS-DOS NetBSD partition does not equal the start of the
  "c" partition in the disklabel.

I believe the last one is the most common error.  Look at the partition with
pfdisk and make sure the sector offset is correct.

I build a version of disklabel that, when reaching the above situaion, will
give out more detailed information on what is wrong.  If you want, I can send
it to you, but I'm not sure how you would be able to use it without NetBSD
already running.