Subject: Partitioning on install problem!
To: None <>
From: Michael Neuman <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/09/1994 19:45:45

  I'm having serious problems getting NetBSD-1.0 installed correctly on a
386. NetBSD installs just fine, and runs perfectly, the only problem is
it completely destroys the partitioning table. I do the following:

Under DOS, fdisk and create a DOS partition of 42 megs, and an extended
DOS partition of 120 megs (it's a 170 meg connor disk). Then I run pfdisk
(from the utils directory on and change the extended DOS
partition's id to 165. So far so good... I reboot into NetBSD on floppy,
and run the installation program as specified in the INSTALL document.
I set the offset of NetBSD to be 42 megs in (which, on the 903 cylinder
disk we have is 235 cylinders in)... All the other parameters are set
correctly... root gets 84 cylinders, swap gets 67, and /usr gets all
the rest. Finally, disklabel runs, and it reports, "No disk label found",
and asks if I want to write over existing DOS partition. If I say no, it
tries to newfs devices which don't have labels, so it dies horribly, if
I say yes, it installs just fine... I reboot onto a DOS floppy and run
fdisk... Fdisk claims there's only one 24 meg partition. Am I doing
something wrong?

This has been reproduced at least 5 times so far. Any ideas?