Subject: mounting wrong root
To: None <>
From: Chad Edward Albrecht <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/08/1994 19:07:15
I have two IDE drives installed in ny machine as well as5;x a SCSI drive.  I
have NetBSD installed on the SCSI drive ID 0.  If I disable the IDE drives
in the CMOS, NetBSD boots fine, however, when I enable them and use the
OS/2 boot manager, it boots all the way to "changing root device to ..."
and it should say sd0a.  This is not the case, it tries to mount sd2a due
to the SCSI drive being third in line in the CMOS drive list (82h).  
Is there a way to set the drive which is mounted as root?  I think it is part
of init, should I recompile init with a hardcoded default root, or is there
an easier way?
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