Subject: Re: login on com port and port ownership
To: Mauro Franzoni 29-Dec-1993 1439 <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/30/1993 10:34:38
According to Mauro Franzoni  29-Dec-1993 1439:
>BTW, it seems that, although /dev/com1 is just a sym-link and /dev/tty01 the
>real special file, some part of the system still references /dev/com1 (and
>other components do refer to /dev/tty00).

Me too.  Also on my NetBSD 0.9 system I have found that I need to put
com2 instead of tty02 in the /etc/ttys file otherwise the terminal
type does not get set correctly.  It seems that the function ttyname
returns the /dev/comX type name which in turn is because the
database /var/run/dev.db has this name in it, the end result is unless
you put comX in ttys then login will fail to find the correct entry
and will set the TERM variable to some random string.

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