Subject: Re: bin/52: ed & non-us crypt libraries...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/30/1993 10:39:01
> This is probably trivial and a "just me" problem. I am using a
> non-US crypt library (
> and the only program to use the des_* routines is ed(1). Is there
> any way of making it use only the "standard" crypt library routines
> ? Nothing else seems to need the des_setkey and des_cipher routines.
> This would make it possible to have a non-US crypt version of NetBSD
> available.

It's not just you.  I'm the one who packaged that library (it's also
available on  As it says in the README, ed isn't
supported :-)  

I "inherited" the EuroCrypt package after being the one to massage it
into libcrypt form.  It is built around UFC-crypt, and as such doesn't have
the des_* routines (which are marked in the crypt man-page as non-portable
anyway :-).  Ed encryption isn't something I use myself, so there was little
incentive to fix it, and then everybody yelled for a copy, so it was just
left out...

Deleting the -DDES from bin/ed/Makefile lets everything compile smoothly.

> Alternativley, putting the des_* routines into this library should
> be a reasonable task. I will *have* to do it, since you are almost
> all in the US :-( and cannot re-export the work. Has somebody a
> suitably vague, exportable description of what these routine do ?
> One that I can then take and work from ?

On my (ever-growing) TODO list is to fix this, but it's not high on the
list at the moment.  Rather than try to "fix" UFC-crypt, I've been intending
to use Eric Young's "libdes" package (last posted to c.s.misc/volume 40).
It apparently has suitable des_ routines already.

Given this reminder, I'll probably try that within the week unless you
want to beat me to it.  Have a look at libdes and get back to me?

- David B.