Subject: login on com port and port ownership
To: None <>
From: Mauro Franzoni 29-Dec-1993 1439 <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/29/1993 14:39:47
Hi all,

On NetBSD 0.9, when you log on from a terminal connected to a com port,
the ownership of /dev/com1 (and not of /dev/tty01) is set to the uid of the
user logging in...

When the user logs out, the /dev/tty01 special file ownership is reset to

BTW, it seems that, although /dev/com1 is just a sym-link and /dev/tty01 the
real special file, some part of the system still references /dev/com1 (and
other components do refer to /dev/tty00).

Happy New Year to all out there.

Mauro Franzoni