Subject: B9600 =? 9600
To: None <>
From: Samson Chen <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/23/1993 01:35:47
Dear sirs,
	I am not sure if this is a NetBSD bug or not. The #define value
for termial baudrate on termios.h is different. For example, you define
B9600 9600, but other BSD system (eg. Sun OS) is 00000015.
	I build John Bovey's rxvt (rxvt-1.6, found the baudrate
is zero, because it uses B9600, (it will cause rsh fail), if I change B9600
to (15). All things turned good...
	Maybe this is my mistake, but just a report, please don't worry.

	Hope to see NetBSD 1.0 soon...

Samson Chen
Department of Computer Science,
Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.