Subject: Possible Bug in aha-1542 driver
To: None <>
From: Dan StJohn <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/08/1993 10:35:00
Hi, I am using the netbsd with an adaptec 1542c scsi card and a cd rom that
does support ISO (nec cdr-73).  The problem I am having is when I try to mount
the cdrom, it gives me the following messages:

	aha0 timed out
	cd0: unable to get size
	cd0: cd0 not ready

When I issue the mount command I am using the following:
	mount -rt isofs /dev/cdoa /mnt

when I hit return, it finds the cd rom (the light goes on), but then I just
get the above message (aha0 timed out).  In addition, what is on the cd rom
is a mountable file system for unix.  My thought on this is that the aha driver
supplied does has a time out period that is too short for cd roms.  As you 
probably know, scsi devices, for the most part, are relatively quick, but
cd-roms, which are scsi, are relatively slow in comparison.  What I think is
happening is that the driver is expecting information form the cd rom much 
faster than the cdrom can supply it.  

I guess I have the following questions:

	1. Does this seem reasonable and has this problem already been 
	   encountered or am I doing something wrong?

	2. If this problem seems reasonable or has been encountered, is there
	   a fix for it?  If not, is it possible for me to get the source code
	   for the aha-1542 driver so I can try to fix it?  I sort of need this
	   cd rom mountable asap.

Any info you have is greatly appreciated.  I must say that this is the only
problem I have really had with netbsd.  I found the installation very user