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From: Brian Domenick <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/05/1993 20:50:10
Newsgroups: comp.os.386bsd.questions
Subject: NetBSD - Extra Interupts
Distribution: world
Organization: Fairleigh Dickinson University

I have a bit of a problem with my NetBSD configuration and I have seen other
posts mention the same error message "extra interupts" . Can anyone explain
what causes this error message to appear on boot up or how to correct it ?
Any assistance you could give me would be appreciated.

I have two disk controllers and adaptec 1542c scsi and an Ultrastore 12f (ESDI).
I boot NetBSD 0.9 off the scsi (whole disk dedicated to netbsd). I have a 330 
meg ESDI drive on on the Ultrastore controller. I have it partitioned into 
two partitions an MSDOS and a NetBSD Filesystem. I am only using the first 1024
cylinders of the Ultrastore drive. I have a,b,c and d partitions which point to 
the netbsd partition. I am only using the a partition. I use the h partition
for MSDOS.  I can access both partitions (mount and ls for example
work ok). My problem is I get an Extra Interupts error on boot up. I have also
seen the error when I go to write to the NetBSD Partition on the ESDI drive. I
usually crash the machine when I have a program generate output to go to the
ESDI drive to test it for instance. My IRQ's are set as in the INSTALL_NOTES in
the NetBSD Distribution. I believe the disk partitioning is good since I have
successfully newfsed my NetBSD partion and fsck it and everything seems fine. 
I ran my machine with just the scsi drive for a month with no wd device in the
kernal and I never had a problem or saw the Extra Interupts message. The
problem started when I compiled the Wd0 device in the kernal. I was just using
the ESDI drive for MSDOS up to that point. 

My friend has a 386 and a 486 also, with either dual or single IDE drives on
each. We tried both configs and he also gets an Extra interupts message when

Any Ideas, recommendations or solutions? 

					thanks in advance,



Brian D. Domenick