Subject: NetBSD 0.9 with Adaptec 1532CF
To: Benjamin Cline <>
From: Freeman P. Pascal KD4YLZ <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/05/1993 14:04:00
Benjamin Cline writes:
 > I'm trying to install 0.9 on my trusty 386/25 with 7 MB of RAM, 2 Quantum 
 > ProDrive L105S', and an Adaptec 1542CF. The machine seems to run DOS fine
 > (of course) but I just can't seem to get NetBSD installed. Previously this
 > machine had 2 40 MB MFM drives and ran NetBSD without too many problems.
 > Any suggestions? Has anyone tried NetBSD with the 1542CF?
 > 	thanks,
 > 		benji

At work I initially had a 1542CF in my 486/50 EISA machine.  It worked
fine with OS/2 2.1, but failed to work with NetBSD 0.9.  I solved it
by swapping the 1542CF with someone who had a 1542B.  Not the best 
solution, but the most expedient.