Subject: Re: ld problem
To: Sean McDermott <>
From: Paul Kranenburg <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/05/1993 13:25:45
> > ld: RRS text relocation at 0xac651 (symbol ___sF)
> I have found out it is just a warning,  but pk,  could you please
> shed a little light on the subject as to what is going on ?

This warns you that ld was unable to avoid run-time relocations to the text
segment of the program it is building. This results in some of the pages of
the run-time image to become unshareable (because must write to it),
thus possibly degrading system performance although the program may still
run correctly.

The occurance of the message definately points at a set of tools/shared libs
that are out of sync. Please check your versions of gcc & gas. Note that there
was a time frame on lamp about ten days ago where a version of gas existed
that was incompatible with the then current gcc.