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NetBSD 8.0 release process underway

If you've been reading source-changes@, you likely noticed the recent
creation of the netbsd-8 branch.  If you haven't been reading
source-changes@, here's some news: the netbsd-8 branch has been created,
signaling the beginning of the release process for NetBSD 8.0.

We don't have a strict timeline for the 8.0 release, but things are
looking pretty good at the moment, and we expect this release to happen
in a shorter amount of time than the last couple major releases did.

At this point, we would love for folks to test out netbsd-8 and let us
know how it goes.  A couple of major improvements since 7.0 are the
addition of USB 3 support and an overhaul of the audio subsystem,
including an in-kernel mixer.  Feedback about these areas is
particularly desired.

To download the latest binaries built from the netbsd-8 branch, head to

Thanks in advance for helping make NetBSD 8.0 a stellar release!


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