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The NetBSD Core Team

After a number of years on the NetBSD core team, Alan Barrett (apb@)
has decided to step down for personal reasons. I'm sure we'd all like
to thank Alan for his contributions, including some late night
meetings for him, due to the geographical locations of all the core
team members. Thanks, Alan!

Please join me in welcoming Martin Husemann (martin@) to the core
team. Martin is a long-time NetBSD developer who has played his part
on the NetBSD Foundation board of directors, but now brings his
considerable skills to the core team, the technical management for the
project; helping us define where we want to take NetBSD over the next
2 years and beyond. His background in portmastering the mac68k and
sparc64 ports, as well as his participation in the release engineering
team, means that he is well-placed to help us with this.

The current core team now looks like:

Alistair Crooks (agc@)
Christos Zoulas (christos@)
Chuck Silvers (chs@)
Martin Husemann (martin@)
Matt Green (mrg@)
Matt Thomas (matt@)
Yamamoto Takashi (yamt@)

Congratulations, Martin!

With best wishes,
Alistair Crooks
The NetBSD Core Team

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