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NetBSD Core Team Changes

After almost two years on the NetBSD core team, Quentin Garnier
( has decided to step down.  The Board of Directors  
would like to thank him for doing a difficult job very well -
Quentin's technical acumen is very widely respected, and his ability
to get to the heart of technical issues is a fundamental part of his
effectiveness on core.  He will be missed.
The Board of Directors has asked Matt Green ( if he
would like to be on the core team, and Matt has kindly accepted.  Matt
is well-known throughout the NetBSD community, and has been an active
developer longer than most developers.  Most recently, Matt has been
the driving force behind X11 in the base system, and related DRM work.
In the past, Matt has worked on compilers and binutils, but may be
most widely known for his gzip frontend to zlib, and his work on our
pax utility. Some others may automatically associate him with bozohttpd,
as he is the author of that, or with ircII, which Matt maintains. It may
be quicker to just list the areas of the tree which he hasn't written.
Welcome, Matt!
The Board of Directors of The NetBSD Foundation would like to announce
that the new NetBSD core team will consist of:
        Alistair Crooks (
        Matt Green (
        Yamamoto Takashi (
        Matt Thomas (
        Christos Zoulas (
Alistair Crooks
on behalf of the Board of Directors
The NetBSD Foundation

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