Subject: Downloading NetBSD 3.0 ISO images via BitTorrent
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 12/23/2005 18:04:47
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we would like to encourage people to download the ISO images of the
brand new NetBSD 3.0 release via the BitTorrent peer to peer protocol.
This will distribute the load and provide everybody with as much
bandwidth as possible.

Here is a quick guide on how to use BitTorrent for this purpose:

1.) The BitTorrent Client

    If you already have NetBSD running, please install the "rtorrent"
    package from "pkgsrc/net/rtorrent".

    Clients for other operating systems can be downloaded here:

2.) Downloading The "Torrent File"

    To use BitTorrent for downloading you need a torrent file which
    identifies the file you want to download. These files are small
    (only a few kilobytes) and downloaded via normal protocols like HTTP
    or FTP. The torrent files for NetBSD 3.0 can be found here:

    Just download the torrent files for the ISO images you want to get.

3.) Starting The Download

    Once you have the torrent file you can start the download. If you use
    the "rtorrent" client under NetBSD simply run this command in the
    directory with the torrent files you downloaded before:

	rtorrent *.torrent

    The ISO images will be downloaded to the current directory afterwards.
    The GUI based clients (e.g. BitTorrent for Windows) usually have a
    menu item called "Open torrent file" which you can use to start the

4.) Uploading To Other Peers

    After your BitTorrent client has finished the download it will continue
    to upload data from the downloaded file to other BitTorrent clients.
    Please keep your client running for a while if possible to support other
    people's downloads.

5.) Legal Considerations

    BitTorrent and other peer to peer protocols are often used to transfer
    copyright protected material without permission of the owners. By using
    a BitTorrent client as described above you will *not* get involved
    in any copyright violations. Your BitTorrent client will only download
    and upload the contents of the NetBSD ISO images.

	Thanks in advance

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