Subject: NetBSD logo design competition (updated, with corrections)
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From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 01/14/2004 12:26:13
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NetBSD logo design competition

The NetBSD Project is an international collaborative effort of a
large group of diverse people to produce a freely available, and
redistributable UNIX-like operating system.

NetBSD is a trademark of the NetBSD Foundation, Inc., which is a
non-profit corporation which whose primary goal is to promote
the development of the NetBSD operating system and related software.

The NetBSD Foundation is retiring the existing NetBSD daemon identity
and is adopting a new logo.  To that end we are launching an
international competition for the creation of a new logo.

We extend an invitation to all interested parties to submit design(s)
for consideration.  This is an open competition, to be judged by
the Board of Directors of the NetBSD Foundation and selected other

There is a cash prize of $ 100.00 (one hundred US dollars) for the
winning entry.  The successful logo will also have wide exposure,
featuring in all NetBSD material including, but not limited to;
the web site, software media, apparel, and business

The competition will close on February 29, 2004.
The rules of the competition, submission information and the
design brief are included in this document.

Please forward all designs and contact details via email to:

We look forward with interest to receiving all proposals.

Thanks and kind regards,
Luke Mewburn <>, on behalf of
The Board of Directors of The NetBSD Foundation <>.


Design Brief

NetBSD's current image can be viewed here:

The following problems have been identified with the current identity:
    *	Too complicated.
    *	Hard to reproduce.
    *	Has negative cultural, and religious ramifications.

Some suggested themes for the new identity include:
    *	An animal character such as the Linux `Tux' penguin (4) or
	Darwin `Hexley' platypus (2).
    * 	An abstract symbol conveying the goals and spirit of open source
    *	A logo based on the letter-forms of the organization name (NetBSD).

The following list of links to existing identities may be used for


Judgment criteria

The new logo shall meet the following requirements:
    *	Due to the issues identified above, the current NetBSD
	daemon character cannot be used.
    *	The organization name (NetBSD) must be included in the
	final logo.
    *	The logo must be identifiable.
    *	If abstract, the logo must be simple and clear in concept.
    *	It must convey traditional goals and spirit of the NetBSD
    *	It must be distinctive in the quality and originality of
    	its visual image and not offend any national, cultural or
	religious sensitivity.
    *	The concept should have relevance to the organization (NetBSD).
    *	It must adapt well to electronic and printed media, to
	reproduction on small surfaces, and to use in color, both in
	positive and in negative form.
    *	Must be the original work of the submitter.
    *	Must be free of any copyright or other intellectual property

The above information is not meant to limit creativity in any way.
We look forward to, and are open to a wide range of creative solutions.


Rules and Submission Requirements

1. Form of the competition
	Open design competition.

2. Conditions of participation
	The competition is open to all designers, both professional
	and non-professional.

3. Object of the competition
	The creation of a logo to serve as the emblem of NetBSD.
	The new logo is intended to replace the one currently in use.

4. Number of designs, design and presentation data
	Each participant is entitled to submit a maximum of three
	designs.  Designs shall be submitted in their final form,
	in other words as finished works (no sketches)

5. Submission format

	The final design must be submitted as a scalable vector
	format EPS (Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand or
	similar), therefore no halftone (photographic or bitmap)
	images will be taken into consideration by the jury. 
	Please also avoid the use of gradients (including elements
	such as drop shadows) unless created inside a vector program.

	All designs shall be submitted for judging in electronic form as:
	    *	JPEG or PNG.
	    *	300 DPI, 1200 x 1200 pixels.
	    *	In color (RGB).

6. Submission deadline
	The designs must reach the NetBSD Foundation by
	February 29, 2004, at 23:59 UTC.
	Any design reaching the NetBSD Foundation after the time
	and the date mentioned will not be taken into consideration
	by the jury.  The NetBSD Foundation disclaims any liability
	for designs submitted.

7. Jury
	The judgment leading to the final selection of designs
	shall be undertaken by the Board of Directors of the NetBSD
	Foundation, and will occur in two stages.

	    First Stage - Preselection
		A technical and artistic preselection group has
		been set up by the NetBSD Foundation and entrusted
		with recommending to the second stage between 5
		and 10 of the designs submitted that meet the
		prescribed criteria.  The preselection group consists
		of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee
		for Communications, and independant technical

	    Second stage - Final selection
		The final selection of the winner shall be judged
		by the NetBSD developer community via a direct

8. Copyright, right of use
	Upon completion of the competition, the NetBSD Foundation
	acquires ownership of the winning logo by assignment of
	copyright, and the winning designer will disclaim any
	trademarks and without limitation all other rights
	related to the design.
	The $ 100.00 cash prize to the winning designer consists
	of $ 50.00 for ownership rights and $ 50.00 for the
	competition prize.
	All the other designs submitted shall remain the
	intellectual property of their creators, unless otherwise
	agreed by negotiation between the parties.
	Due credit will be given to the winning designer on the web site.

9. Exploitation of the competition results for public relations purposes
	By submitting their designs, the participants authorize
	the NetBSD Foundation to use those designs for public
	relations purposes, for instance by publishing the competition
	results in broadcasts and in written or electronic media
	or both - with a mention of the creators' names - and to
	display or publish all or some of the designs submitted
	anywhere in the world.

10. Return of designs
	Participants are advised to retain personal records of
	their designs, as neither the designs submitted nor the
	electronic media will be returned to them.

11. Validity of the Rules
	By participating in the competition, the participants
	unreservedly accept these rules.


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