Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in October 2002
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 11/28/2002 14:04:37
Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in October 2002

[For a full listing of the changes, please refer to the mail on
the tech-pkg mailing list - agc]

By my calculations, at the end of October 2002, there were 3269
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3214 the previous
month, a rise of 55.

The following packages were added to the packages collection: 
ap2-php, aqsis, aquaified, ast-ksh, autoconf213, automake14, bmf,
buildtool, cmu-dhcpd, coconut, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl, dnstop,
easyedit, eel2, fortune-strfile, fortunes-de, glade2, glchess,
gmngview, gnome-db, gnome2-terminal, Gorm, grep, gtkglext, guile-pg,
hot-babe, img2eps, kile, lablgtk, latex-mk, libargparse, libgda,
libgnomedb, librsvg2, librsync, libzvt, minivmac, mousetar, navi2ch,
net-snmp, newmat, oss, otpCalc, p5-Cz-Cstools, p5-Digest-Nilsimsa,
p5-DNS-ZoneParse, p5-Number-Latin, p5-Parallel-Pvm, p5-String-CRC32,
pan, papaya, pclock, phoenix, phoenix-linux, php4-curl, piewm,
py-docutils, py-expat, py-jpCodecs, py-piddle, py-psycopg, pyca,
python-mode, python22-pth, qt3-psql, rdiff-backup,
rocksndiamonds-levels, sawfish-themes, Speex, tinyscheme, tkgate,
verilog-mode, zope25-BTreeFolder, and zope25-DocumentLibrary.

The following packages were updated:  aalib-x11, adzap, anjuta,
ap-gzip, ap-ssl, apache, apache6, arla, arts, audacity, autoconf,
automake, bidwatcher, bind4, bins, bmf, bonobo-activation, bozohttpd,
cdrdao, cdrecord-devel, check, cpuflags, createbuildlink, cups, curl,
cyrus-sasl, dctc, dc_gui, ddskk, dict-client, dict-server, dinotrace,
doxygen, evolution, fileutils, findutils, freetds, frotz, fvwm2,
galeon, gap, gauche, gcc-ssp, gcdmaster, gdcd, gerbv, gftp,
gimp-print, glchess, glib2, gmake, gmplayer, gnet, gnome-vfs2,
gnumeric, gnupg, gnuplot, gnustep-back, gnustep-gui, gpgme, grepmail,
gtexinfo, gtk-gnutella, gtk2, guspatches, gv, hdf5, imap-uw, ipa,
jikes, joos, kakasi, kdbg, kde, kdeaddons, kdeadmin, kdeartwork,
kdebase, kdeedu, kdegames, kdegraphics, kdelibdocs, kdelibs,
kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdepim, kdesdk, kdetoys, kdeutils,
kdevelop, kdevelop-base, ketm, kile, koffice, koffice3, latex-mk,
less, libao, libart2, libbonobo, libglade, libgnomecanvas,
libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui, libnasl, libxml2, libxslt, linc,
links, links-gui, logsurfer, lsof, matchbox, mencoder, micq,
mimedefang, monafonts, mplayer, mplayer-share, mrtg, mserv, Mule-UCS,
naim, nessus, nessus-core, nessus-libraries, nessus-plugins, netcat,
netsaint-plugins, nmh, nxtvepg, odbc-postgresql, opera6, ORBit2,
ORBit2, oss, p5-Module-Dependency, p5-Net-DNS, p5-razor-agents,
p5-Test-Harness, p5-Test-Simple, p5-Text-CSV-Hash, p5-XML-Node,
palmos-includes, pan, pango, phoenix, phoenix-linux, php3, php4,
php4-bcmath, php4-bz2, php4-calendar, php4-dba, php4-dbase,
php4-domxml, php4-filepro, php4-ftp, php4-gd, php4-gettext, php4-gmp,
php4-imap, php4-ldap, php4-mbstring, php4-mcrypt, php4-mhash,
php4-mysql, php4-odbc, php4-pcre, php4-pdflib, php4-pgsql, php4-posix,
php4-session, php4-snmp, php4-sockets, php4-sysvsem, php4-sysvshm,
php4-wddx, php4-xml, php4-xslt, php4-yp, php4-zlib, pilrc, pkgchk,
pkg_tarup, popt, postgresql, postgresql-client, postgresql-docs,
postgresql-lib, postgresql-plperl, postgresql-pltcl,
postgresql-server, prc-tools, pth, ptl2, py-amkCrypto, py-curl,
py-HappyDoc, py-Numeric, python20, python22, qt3, qt3-docs, qt3-libs,
qt3-tools, ratpoison, rocksndiamonds, rp-pppoe, rpm2cpio, ruby-base,
ruby-rd-mode, ruby-rdtool, samba, scmxx, scrollkeeper, SDL, SDL-mixer,
sendfile, sendmail, sendmail88, simh, slib, snort, socks5,
spamassassin, squid, squirrelmail, standalone-tcsh, suse_base,
suse_devel, sylpheed, sylpheed-claws, tcl-postgresql, tightvnc,
tightvncviewer, tk-postgresql, tnef, tuxpaint, tuxpaint-stamps, unrar,
url2pkg, verilog-current, vmware-module, w3, wine, www6to4, x2vnc,
xemacs-current, xemacs-packages, xlHtml, xmms, xmms-crossfade,
xmms-mad, xpmroot, xscrabble, xscreensaver, xscreensaver-gnome, xv,
zope25-XMLWidgets, and zope25-ZWiki.

The Package of the Month award goes to:  pkgsrc/emulators/simh,
nominated by Jason Thorpe.  simh can emulate the following machines: 
altair, altairz80, eclipse, gri, h316, hp2100, i1401, i1620, ibm1130,
id16, id32, nova, pdp1, pdp4, pdp7, pdp8, pdp9, pdp10, pdp11, pdp15,
s3, sds, vax.  A useful package if you're fed up, like Jason, of
carrying two Microvax 3800s around with you, since he now has two
NetBSD/vax installations on his laptop, as simh-vax supports Ethernet. 

It strikes me that we should be working out the simulation size
ratios (i.e. size of simulated host to real host), and as I now have
simh running on my Jornada, I'm feeling confident.  Now for hermes...

Alistair Crooks
Thu Nov 7 07:49:20 GMT 2002