Subject: Promote BSD and Share the Wealth
To: None <>
From: Chris Coleman <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 04/18/2002 19:38:41
Daemon News is offering a new incentive program to help get the 
community more involved with the promotion of BSD.

We know that the more BSD "stuff" we get out to people, the more people
will use BSD.  To spread the word and get the products out there, we've
put together two programs that allow the BSD community to get involved.  
Sales of these products help promote BSD by supporting Daemon News 
programs and services, helping other BSD-related companies like Wasabi 
and FreeBSD Systems, and, for OSes, monetary donations to the 
projects' foundations.

Here are the two programs, one for everyone and a special offer for web
site authors/owners:

  1) Website owners can place links to promoting BSD products
     and earn 5% of all sales generated from those links.

     It is extremely easy to get started promoting BSD stuff.  Contact 
     us and we will send you a trackable link that you can use on all your 
     web sites to promote BSD products.  You will instantly earn credit 
     that you can use on or have an option to cash out.

  2) Community members can request BSD products to be listed at retail
     stores and we will give you a BSD Mall gift certificate for each 
     store that places an order.

     Contact your local retail, computer, or campus bookstore and request 
     that they stock BSD products.  Then, e-mail us with the list of places 
     that you have contacted.  Details on what to tell them can be found 

     When they place an order we will send the first person who contacted 
     us with their information a gift certificate for, which 
     you can cash in for cool BSD stuff.  

It doesn't take much time to help BSD, Daemon News, and yourself by
linking to and recommending BSD products that we carry.  Get started
today by visiting  


Chris Coleman		Editor in Chief
Daemon News E-Zine
Print Magazine