Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in January 2002
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 02/10/2002 10:36:26
Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in January 2002

[For a complete list of changes, please see the mail in the tech-pkg
mailing list archive - agc]

70 packages were added to the packages collection this month, and 6
were removed, which, by my calculations, gives 2646 packages in the
collection as of February 1st 2002, up from 2582 the previous month.

We made some changes to the infrastructure of pkgsrc this month - the
fetching of files was overhauled, the ability to have a coarse-grained
lock was added (if the lock type is set to sleep, a second package
trying to build a pre-requsisite will sleep until the lock is
relinquished), and an extra flag was added to NetBSD/Alpha builds for
certain versions of NetBSD.  In addition, a big "thank you" to
Matthias Drochner, who has completely overhauled our Python packages.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  aalib-x11,
aspell, autoconf-2.52, aview, aview-x11, authentication modules for
courier mail packages, cssc, dylan compiler and interpreter,
falcons-eye, fluxbox, gentoo, gnumeric0, gopher, gtk-doc, html2wml,
htmlfix, naim, neon, nvi, various perl5 utilities, pam-smbpass,
parchive, php4-xslt, various Python modules, qt3, various ruby
utilities, scmxx, sdig, shlock, sqwebmail, tct, ttf2pt1, wApua (which
gets the award for being the most difficult package name to type),
xjdic, xmms-fmradio, xtel and xtris.

Notable updates to packages include:  aalib, adzap, ap-php4, ap-ruby,
apache-current, apsfilter, autotrace, aview, bison, bluefish, bonobo,
bytebench, citrix_ica, cadaver, various courier mail utilities,
cpuflags, crafty, cups, curl, cyrus-sasl, elk, enscript, ethereal,
f2c, fetchmail, fvwm2, gal, gcc, GConf, gd, gnome, gnumeric, gpa,
gqmpeg, gqview, gtkhtml, hexedit, id3lib, isakmpd, pilot-related
packages, lame, libao, libogg and libvorbis, libpspell, libtool,
libusb, libxml2, lsof, lyx, maildrop, mkttfdir, mplayer, mutt, mysql,
nano, oaf, openldap, openmotif, openslp, ORBit, various Perl5
utilities, various php4 utilities, pine, pixmap, pload, python, qmail,
rconfig, various ruby utilities, silc, skipstone, smalltalk, sqlite,
squirrelmail, stlport, sudo, tkcvs, uvscan-dat, vim (thanks, Martti),
wl, xemacs-packages, xlockmore, xmame, xmcd, xscreensaver, zsnes.

After great deliberation, and a huge number of nominations, the
Package of the Month award goes to adzap, simply because two unrelated
nominations were received for it.  To quote from one of its

adzap -
        an oldie but a goodie.
	a squid web proxy redirector that nukes banner ads and other
	rubbish from web pages, improving your browsing pleasure by
	removing [a word referring to "unwanted ads" - agc] AND
	noticably speeding up surfing (no more trying to load
	uncacheable advertising).

The judges would be grateful if people nominating packages could
make their lives easier to pick a package, by perhaps including
some small gift of chocolate with their email. Thanks!

Alistair G. Crooks
Sun Feb 10 07:48:05 GMT 2002