Subject: EuroBSDCon 2002 Announcement / CFP
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 01/30/2002 16:12:29
                      Announcement and Call for Papers
                        2nd European BSD Conference
                               November, 2002
                         Amsterdam, The Netherlands
               A conference organized by Stichting EuroBSDCon


The  Berkeley Software Distributions (BSDs)  represent one of the oldest and
most  vigorous  streams  of  Open  Source  development.  Together,  OpenBSD,
FreeBSD,  NetBSD,  Darwin,  and BSD/OS  represent  millions  of  servers and
desktops.  The BSDs have long been part of the backbone of the Internet,  in
everything  from embedded  applications  to large server installations,  and
will soon be widely  deployed on consumer desktops.   If you want to develop
cutting-edge  network applications,  then the European BSD conference is the
place to be. Meet all the movers and shakers of the BSD community, and learn
how you can use BSD as part of your enterprise-grade solutions.

This second  European  BSD  conference will feature one day of tutorials and
two  days  of technical  sessions.  The  combination  of  technical  tracks,
invited  talks,  tutorials,  and  Birds-of-a-Feather  sessions  provides  an
opportunity  for people  of all experience levels to learn from BSD experts,
professionals with real world experience, and industry leaders.

The official language at the conference will be English.   The exact date of
the conference will be announced on the website.


On  the first day  of the  conference,  a selection  of practical,  problem-
solving,   in-depth  tutorials   will  be  presented  to  you  by  the  most
authoritative, popular and widely acclaimed speakers in the field.

If you're  interested in presenting a tutorial or  would like to share ideas
about  what would  make  a terrific  tutorial,  please  contact the  Program
Committee at


The  next two days  will offer comprehensive  technical sessions,  including
keynote address,  presentations of  refereed papers and  invited talks. Join
peers and gurus during the enjoyable social event.

The European BSD conference seeks original and  innovative papers  about the
applications,  architecture,  implementation,  performance  and security  of
BSD-derived  operating  systems.  Papers that analyze problem areas and draw
important conclusions from practical experience are especially welcome.

Presentations are being solicited in areas including but not limited to:

   * BSD kernel hacking
   * Embedded BSD application development and deployment
   * Device drivers
   * IPv6 deployment on BSD
   * BSD and security (Network Intrusion Detection Systems, Firewalls,
     VPNs, practical cryptography, auditing and computer forensics)
   * High performance networking
   * System and network performance tuning
   * Innovative BSD system administration tools and techniques
   * Running BSD on your toaster


Papers for the technical sessions will be reviewed by the program committee.
An award will be given at the conference for the best paper in this track.

An extended abstract is required for the paper selection process.  Abstracts
must  be submitted  through the web form on
Abstracts accompanied  by non-disclosure agreement forms  are not acceptable
and will be returned unread.

Authors of  accepted submissions must provide  a final paper for publication
in the  conference proceedings. These  final papers are held  in the highest
confidence prior to  publication in the conference proceedings.  By agreeing
to present  your paper at the European BSD conference, you also give license
to the conference organizers  that it may be published on the BSD conference
web site.


 Extended abstracts due:       June 24, 2002
 Notification to speakers:     July 12, 2002
 Final papers due:           October 7, 2002


Program chair <>
Walter Belgers, Giga Computer Consultant, NL

Program Committee <>
Frank van der Linden, Wasabi Systems, NL
Wim Vandeputte, bvba, BE
Paul Kranenburg, Erasmus University, NL

Event Organization <>
Guido van Rooij, chairman, Madison Gurkha, NL
Jos Jansen, treasurer, Snow bv, NL
Walter Belgers, secretary, Giga Computer Consultant, NL
Marielle Klatten & Sabina Beeke, conference organizer, ICONIQ, NL
             Complete program and registration information will
                         be available in July 2002.
 For questions not being answered at, please
        contact the Iconiq office by e-mail: